Yes the paintings are beautiful.Yes this book teaches children they are children of God.Yes, my baby LOVES this book, she brings it to me every day to read.
Why 2 stars?Because of this line:

"I know God loves me because he surrounds me with people who love me and keep me safe."

If that statement were true then God wouldn't love a lot of people.

Even if it said "because god wants what is best for me" or because Heavenly Father watches out for me."

It is one of my pet peeves when people believe that absence of safety or loving family means either God doesn't exist or that he doesn't care.And I have known too many abused and neglected children, have seen that they are surrounded by violence and apathy, yet still know that God loves them.It's just a hard thing to teach children.And I don't want to teach my child that because God loves us life will never be lonely or sad.

Sorry about the rant.