Three murders.
One pissed off alarm clock.

This is a horror novel and first in a series featuring Detective Thomas Brooker. Brooker works in the city of Elm Harbor.

Before you buy make sure you understand what you are getting with this novel.

It's a short novel (around 100 pages or 24,000 words). If you found yourself in a literary society they might call it a novella. And then possibly snicker. But many of the best pieces of literature are novellas - for example Hemingway's "Old Man & The Sea" is a novella.

Or if you prefer horror - Stephen King's "The Body" (from which the movie "Stand By Me"was made) is a novella. King's best work is novellas (Shawshank, The Mist, etc).

And if it was a movie it would be Rated R for violence, language and sex.

But it's not all scares and blood and guts - it also has funny parts.

The plot was inspired by the fact that over the past decade I've spent alot of time in hotel rooms (when I was in consulting for one company, I spent more time in them than my own bed) and realized nobody uses hotel alarm clocks anymore.

And then well, I wondered what would happen if they got mad about this situation.

As a writer, I'm heavily influenced by the late Robert B. Parker (who created the Spenser for Hire series) and Stephen King.

I wrote the book to entertain and scare you.

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