Ugh first of all I couldn't stand Jett sorry ass! Even with all Rae endured from Jett, it took her learning of his ultimate betrayal to finally let go. I loved Caesar! Regardless of Rae giving him the cold shoulder not once did he give up. Blue need to get her life right. Playing with the feelings of two men is never good. She should've been woman enough to talk to Deon, as well as, not leading Zac on! Now that ending really got me mad at Blue. Then there's Symba trifling behind. I so wasn't expecting that. How can you try to give your suppose to be best friend advice but doing the unthinkable? Canyon was just the challenge she needed. Can't wait for part 2 to see if Jett, Ace and Roman finally get what's due to them, if the friendship between the girls can be fixed, who was on the opposite end of the barrel, will Rae be dumb and go back, and can Caesar and Canyon bounce back to save their empire.